Hi! Welcome to Clumsy Pinpoint. Eventually, I'd rather to be anonymous because this blog is more like a medium to express my interest in writing. But I currently do graphic design for a living and I live at a little village of Ubud, Bali. But at the other side, I do sport, I draw, I travel, and I love being alone. I'm pretty much into arts, fashion and architecture. You can spot me at one quiet coffee shop, sitting at its corner with my laptop, or my earphone. As I'm pretty much more an introvert, I'm pretty shy at the first time we shook hands. But once you know me, I guess I'm quite capable in being likeable. Have a sip of iced coffee and feel free get to know me first.

In the past 4 years, I ran a fashion blog. I had good moments during those times as I had to met great peoples from the industry. But as the time flies, I kinda felt like that I wasn't being myself. I graduate from university, I get my Bachelor's Degree and I had to deal with my professional first time debut as a Graphic Designer. I ran out of time, basically. And I've lost my password. So those 4 years of memories are simply vanished.

But my inner self just told to keep writing. As during my hiatus, I was struggling in how I could share my stories as I don't think I am not a good public speaker, and I'd rather not to expose myself to my circles. So long story short, I always need a platform to share what I have inside my brain. That's why I write. And here, I'm going to be more personal. Findings, interests, hobbies, reviews, footnotes, everything. So I hope you enjoy my new home as much as I do.