A Letter to My 15 Years Old Self

5:04:00 PM

A letter to my 15 years old self.

Dear you,

If you think that the bullying stopped once you're out from junior high, you're wrong. People will always judge you even when you're older. And you know what, Anggia is the one who stays. Have you ever wondered about that?

There are lots of life lessons at your upcoming year. You fall in love with your best friend that you'll meet when you're 16. Things are going smooth at first. Until a person crack the code and ruins everything. But let me tell you. Friendship over love relationship. And I really wish you're wise enough for not having a relationship with your best friend. Because once you are unable to control the ship, it'll sink. And you're not only losing your love, but your best friend as well. But yeah, that’s just a little intro, so.

You know that you started to question what you want in life. But that’s okay. I’ll let you to keep searching. But don’t forget to keep studying. You want to be like Rob & Brennan from The Amazing Race? You know you’re on the right track as you keep learning about geography. Remember when you were younger, you read all those Rangkuman Pengetahuan Umum Lengkap materials in hoping that someday you can visit those countries. It sounds good that you know what you’re doing at that time. But hey, don’t forget to socialise.

I hope stay strong, Vo. Yet people will always judge you by how do you look. You’re pretty much keep in silence when those high school scums yelled at yourself, calling you names at the corridor. You’re tall, skinny with a backpack on your body. You’re looking neat by keeping up your uniform shirt under your gray high school pants. In an additional, your wavy hair that makes you look like a piece of malnourished broccoli. If you think that junior high was already sucks, wait until you see what would happen during your final year on high school.

Friends that is jealous of your skill on doing Adobe Photoshop 7.0, and by that time you think you’re cool because you’re able to do that. Yes, be proud of that. Because couple years later, that software is the one that gives you bucks. Back to jealousy, one of your classmate removed your watermark for final Seni Musik poster. You know it sucks. But you know what, patience has always be the main key if you want to survived. Please take a serious note of that.

At the other case, you know that it seems you’re interested in Linguistics. Friends are starting to ask your help to translate some of words during Bahasa Inggris subject. They don’t even say thanks. Yet, they call you names after they got your help. I know sometimes you wanted to skip your school days, though. But at the other side you always wanted to enrich yourself, in order to think that someday, you’ll slap their dirty mouths.

You’re full of insecurity. You listen what people says. You grew up as a shy boy who doesn’t even wanted to talk in front of the public. But today, I just can spoil something that you might surprise in what you will do 10 years later. So feel free to stay shy. As long as it makes you comfortable. Your life is quite messy. I wish you do have a little intention to re-arrange some little things left. Your relationship with your parents. Talk to them.

Especially your Mom. Because she secretly worried about yourself because you just went to your bedroom once you arrived at home from school. But I know that you might be disappointed with them because they don’t give you freedom in doing things you love. Let’s say to go with Anggia, Wiguna & Tutu on Saturday night. They’re okay if they come home above 10 PM. It was still 8 PM yet Mom already gave you calls. Another disappointment in how you couldn’t get your amount of freedom. But again, please hang on.

After all adolescent disappointments, and I already told you to be extra patience about that. Yes, I really mean it. Because who knows that in couple of years, you do grant an access to choose your own freedom. Just hang in there. If you think you can’t do that anymore. Go swim sometimes, or 4 times a week. You’re born under the water element, so it’s good to stay beside the water.

Oh, you’re quite tall. That’d be your weapon. Please do consider that. It might gives you surprise(s)!

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