Counting Down to the 11th

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As I knew that November is my month, I always wanted to visit somewhere new on my birthday. And this year, I got my passport back. I risks the money I have in my bank account and I booked a flight to Thailand. And to add some surprises, I also booked a seat to attend Body Combat workshop as well.

I have never travelled abroad alone before. I always travelled with my Dad. It's honestly a new thing for me because as I always travel solo, that would be good for me if I do have an exact itinerary. I did not. I know myself as a go-show solo traveler-- which I'd share you some of the stories later.

I also invested myself into a more proper room. Because as I have lived in Ubud since earlier this year, I always wanted to live in Jalan Sriwedari, because it is located just 2 minutes away from the city center. I don't know how long I'm gonna stay here. But fingers crossed hoping that the neighborhood here to be quiet. That's what I'm technically craving for.

A friend of mine, a big sister of mine here Kak Flora once told me. "That's okay to invest in something better. Instead of thinking how you're going to pay your bills each month, what about thinking in how to earn more each month?" Kak Flora, terima kasih.

One last thing I have learned in my birthday month is to learn in how to learn from my past mistakes. And yes, shit happened. Again, it is not worth your time talking to a person who did not know that what they did is wrong. But one sure thing is, here in Bali you pay the karma cash. And I'll let that law speaks louder.

And when I think that my November is going to be a flop, I was wrong. I have received couple of facts that relieved me a lot. One thing: if there are couple of peoples has one similar towards someone, clearly the issue is not in ours, instead in that person. So no worries. Gustra, terima kasih banyak.

Heading to the 11th month, and the final month of 2017. December, let it be a good restart.

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