Moody Morning at Asagao

11:45:00 AM

It was a quiet yet bright morning when I start my day. As I usually working away on Friday, me and my working partner (her name is Alin, and I guess she’s going to be happy if I mentioned her name here) are willing to look for is there any good coffee shop to finish our tasks. So yeah, we decided to go to Asagao Coffee Shop that is located in Northern Serpong.

I personally arrived at 10 AM so there was no customers yet, I guess. So yeah, it was a pretty good first impression at this Japanese themed coffee shop. They put the whole menu at the front of the space in a squared looking blackboard, nicely done with cute chalk illustration as well.

As I arrived here, they still put the Christmas theme and I had my ecstatic moment looking at the mini Christmas tree they put as a gimmick in each tables and I found it that it’s pretty cute at the moment. The space itself is pretty narrow, but there’s an interesting space where the sunlight comes in and it creates a nice shadow, complete with industrial like space finishing.

I had an iced Americano at first. And I can say that they create a pretty good coffee. Eventhough I can taste the acid but when I put some portions of sugar, it blended pretty well. Meanwhile my friend had her Hot Latte, and I had the chance to sip hers. The latte are pretty well blended, yet just a bit slushy but so far it tastes good.

As the time flies and I think I need additional companion, I ordered their signature menu, the Kori Kohi. Kori Kohi is basically a glass of coffee milk. But the coffee is modified into numbers of ice cubes form, and a glass of milk in another glass. What you can do is to pour the milk towards the coffee cube and mix it well until the coffee cube melted. And surprisingly it was pretty good as well.

Basically, me and Alin loved this place as we stayed around 6 hours finishing our tasks and the crews were quite nice. Good music, good ambience, good pillows, good mini Christmas tree as well. Oh, I was thinking to bring one of them home, though. But no. Better not.

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