Ways of Clay: Perspectives Toward the Future

12:49:00 PM

Guess what's back? The intriguing Bi-annual Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale (JCCB), and they're doing their fourth edition! I discovered this exhibition right around 2 years a go when a friend of mine, a ceramic artist Zia Fauziana had been selected to showcase her works on the past JCCB and I directly fell in love to discover and to learn fine arts in another interesting forms. Here are selections from the 4th edition of JCCB, entitled "Ways of Clay: Perspectives Toward the Future".

 Alice Couttoupes

Ryota Shioya

Arya Pandjalu

 Takashi Hinoda

 Eva Larsson

Muhammad Rizal Salleh

Panca DZ (in collaboration with Kandura Studio)

Antonella Cimatti


Curated by Nurdian Ichsan & Rizki A. Zaelani, this exhibition is open for public starts this December to next year's mid-end January. As a friendly reminder from the staffs informed me earlier, flash photography & selfie sticks are prohibited here. And yes, she's being serious about that.

Aside from emerging local talents like Agugn Prabowo and Arya Pandjalu, there are numerous talents from Eastern Asia like Takashi Hinoda and Ryota Shioya, shining with their interesting shapes & colors.

As the exhibition is still running on and if you're seeking for place to go, feel light to drop a visit to Galeri Nasional Indonesia. It's pretty refreshing for your eyes & brain from your weekday routines, eh?

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