Daydreaming at Bingin Beach

4:50:00 PM

As I know, I lost count in how many beautiful beaches in Bali. I actually had no idea where to go at first, but I take a look at Instagram and scrolling around. Then I kinda found this beach named Bingin and it’s quite captivating from the photo. I ended up looking for my Google Maps and yeah, only around 45 minutes from Gunung Sanghyang, area where I stayed at.

I always rely myself on Google Maps when it comes to destinations that I think it’s quite difficult to find out. And surprisingly, Bingin is the one that is pretty difficult to find. Because of why, the cellphone signal is getting bad because in order to go here, you have to pass some kind like an endless road. And yes, signal went off when me & my friend entered Universitas Udayana area. But luckily, my friend had his internet modem so we could catch up.

In order to reach the beach line, we have to go to a very narrow line that is fits for 1 person. And still, you have to climb down hundreds of stairs before you can touch the clear sands and sea waters. But things are getting good when we arrived at the bottom of the stairs. All clear shores, clear skies, and not to mention that me & my friend were the only locals there. Yes, there were all natives looking for sunshine.

The beach itself fits pretty well for those who strives for good sun, good wind and good coconuts. Local cafés are hanging at the edge of the cliffs, and you’re able to order that right away. A little hint if you are looking for something calming; once you touch down the beach area, make your way far away to the right. There are no peoples, only cliffs and wet sands. Feels pretty good if you’re in the mood to meditate under the day light.

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