Life Footnote #01

9:51:00 PM

As I always tried to stay consistent to keep my blog with numerous contents, I think it’s going to be interesting if I am talking stuff about what I’m into recently.

So basically, I just found my long lost watercolour set. And yes I felt the excitement because I would like to spare some “me time” to practice my drawing skill, and to have some alternatives beside my day job as well.

I kinda do have some weird fetish in floral watercolour, and there are lots of references on Pinterest. Because for me personally, botanical drawing is something that is timeless, explorable and pretty versatile. So yeah, I spent my weekend to re-practice my floral watercolour skill.

It was pretty difficult at first because watercolour drawing treatment is pretty much different than the other coloring media because you have to put the lightest colour first before you put another colour into it. But I always do enjoy the process, and it makes me happy as well!

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