Graphic Designer's Tale (1)

7:56:00 PM

So as I do graphic design for nearly 4 years since I graduated from university, I do have chances meeting various clients and brands to work at. Ranging from pro-bono to the good one. As the time flies, I indirectly learned their behaviours & characteristics. And at this post, I’d like to share you guys what I feel and what I keep deep inside about being a so-called graphic designer.

There’s a time I had to do an editorial design project. It was multiple pages and I had to set my layout set up for the design. But a client keep giving me the revised version of the copywriting. Yes, it look simple for you because you are the one who edit the copy. But me, who is working for the layout, even a single word can change the face of my layout. So it’d be good for both of us if I have the final version of the contents, so I can concentrate more in how I develop my layout design.

Revision is designer’s best friend, as we know. One time, there’s a client who asked me to do custom manual illustration for their materials. Then as usual, I gave them alternatives to pick at. They choose one. It was almost all good. The day after tomorrow, I had an email, and the client asked if can I edit some of the lines on the drawing because the tend to don’t really like that in the way. I was cringing a little. Editing a manual illustration is an equivalent version of re-do the illustration from a blank white paper, just so you know.

Also, please give us time to develop our product. This is a personal preference, though. But if a client keep seeing my laptop screen while I’m doing my design, it’s like they are blocking my ideas. Please give me space to develop first. And please just take a moment to wait. This one usually happens when your clients are rushing at the deadlines and there are things to fix. I’m like, alright I know you’re in a rush but please go sit down, give me a time limit and I’ll finish 15 minutes before the time limit you give me. That’d be better for both of us.

As I met lots of great clients, there are clients who are… less great to work with. But yes, I need the bucks so I’d rather to listen to meditation music on my Spotify playlist while doing their projects. So here I go, I do respect you as a client, not as my art director. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree studying Visual Communication. So more or less, I know what I’m doing with what colors I choose, with what style I apply, and stuff. And for me personally, I am not doing this to make your not-so-good idea becomes a better one- but a bitter one. And also, we tend to design to what your brand’s target market needs, not to design what you want. I am not going to put snowflakes to your A-class like hand bag brand. Or in short, please listen to us.

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