His Final Departure

8:02:00 PM

I met this guy as a total stranger during our flight from Bali to Jakarta earlier this year. We become friends as we shared similar visions about Ubud. We talked a lot during our 2 hours of flight back to Jakarta. We exchanged our number yet stopped contacting each other as he worked as a Flight Attendant. It was on May.

Until couple days back, he went to my dream twice and the vision as long I can remember is, we were running around Desa Singakerta. I decided to search his LinkedIn and I found his full name. Then I type his full name on Facebook and what I found are rest in peace messages from his colleagues.

He passed away because of cardiac arrest last month. It was 2 hour period of I had good talk with a total stranger, we exchange our number and we used to had our hypothetical plan that it'd be cool if he has his Ubud mate during our hypothetical trip. So it was a premonition. Thanks for coming to my dream, so I know that you just done your final departure. It was such a good conversation we had on board for 2 hours, my friend. I'd take a moment of silence on the next time I go to Campuhan. May you fly higher, and may you rest in peace.

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